5 luxurious lighting decorations to cut down the cost of home interior!

Most homeowners walk into their dream house would come up with a series of ideas on how to decorate their house luxuriously. However, a luxury house always links with the word “expensive” or there are some decorations you might not be able to afford! What should you do? No worries, we’ve got your back! Let’s go through the rundown with us, we’re pretty sure you will get some tips from there!

Lighten up your living room

As the central hub of the home, the living room sets the mood for the home. Why not entertain guests in style with unique lights? Always remember great lightings can create a great atmosphere that keeps your guests feel warm welcome from you and accommodate for activities like movie, dinner and entertainment. So, what kind of lighting you should choose? Scroll down for more…

1) Table Lamp/Floor Lamp

If your living room has a functional area such as reading corner or music corner, then table lamps or floor lamps would be the preferred choice. These will bounce light off the ceiling and the wall to create a homey ambience aside from helping you reduce your monthly electricity bill.

2) Downlights
Installing downlights in the coffered ceiling is the simplest way to illuminate the entire room as it could reflect light downward and provide general lighting to your entire space.
Brighten up your kitchen
Kitchen is a gathering place for friends and family, a place where memories are seasoned with love. It’s no doubt that kitchen needs to be equipped with the right balance of lighting to become a functional and comfortable space.
1) Track Lights
The simple black track light is one of the most popular track lights because it can blend in seamlessly with almost any contemporary kitchen.  If you install above kitchen islands and counter tops, bright task lighting is provided and necessary for cooking, serving, and cleaning.
Illuminate your bedroom
Of all the rooms in your home, bedroom is the most important element as you spend time in as it’s to rest your head at night and rise and shine each morning, so it should evoke a calming atmosphere with task and ambient lighting.
1) LED light strips
Put a circle of LED light strips on the bottom of the bed, without turning on the main light at night, the light can promote sleep, and even if you’re playing with your smartphone on bed. If you need to get up at night, the light can also illuminate as it comes with sensor, but it will not particularly glare in the eyes to affect your sleep.
2) Downlights
Have the downlights on the ceiling can reflect the light to the top of the bed more three-dimensional and give the bedroom a warm and romantic atmosphere. Have an urge to give your house a makeover and looking for more lighting options to decorate your house? Click on our lighting category now! We promise you that our lightings will definitely blend in your house design seamlessly.
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